Big Gator, Dr. Roffer’s Weekly Updates, Live Lionfish Needed & MORE – ROFFS™ Fishy Times Newsletter – 178th Edition – June 7th, 2017


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Successful tournament fishing takes organization, a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, focused effort, making the right decisions, and having good luck.  ROFFS™ will help your planning and execution of the fishing strategy that will increase your chances for hooking that big fish. At the very least our analyses allow you to have the optimum strategy for locating tournament quality fish, as well as, choosing your fishing days as the oceanographic conditions change.

ROFFS™ provides comprehensive fishing forecasting analyses not simple colorized satellite images or ocean models from the internet. The 524 tournament winners  who used ROFFS™ during their winning efforts in 2016 (55 winners already during the 2017 fishing season!) and the 7972 winners over the last 27 years are evidence that we will help you find the fish. You do not have to use us to catch fish and win, but our clients have won most of major categories in the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament these last few years.  Our clients have won the Big Rock many times in recent years (see photo of last year’s winner below).

We would like to help you have a successful tournament by using our ROFFS™ Fishing Oceanographic Analyses every day. The clients who have been catching the most fish and winning the most use our service everyday and receive both areas both before and during the tournament. It is best to order your fishing forecasting analyses today and avoid the last minute rush next week.  We continue to monitor the Gulf Stream circulation along with the associated marlin catches and are ready to provide our best interpretations of the  ocean conditions for finding concentrations of feeding fish. Let ROFFS™ be part of your fishing team’s strategy.

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Above: ROFFS™ Clients 2016 Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament (NC): 1st Place Blue Marlin Mike Thompson, Captain Mark Annis & Doug Phillips (Ashley Lauren).

Dr. Mitchell Roffer from ROFFS™ Reviews Ocean Conditions – June 5, 2017 

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Northeastern U.S.

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Southeastern U.S.

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Gulf of Mexico

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Teaser Bite!                                   

ROFFS™ Clients Stokely Holder and Matt Wilkinson on Miss WY.  Georgetown, SC – Great teaser bite and pitch on a Blue Marlin behind the Miss Wy. Video Courtesy: | Facebook
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Gator Walks Down Road!              

Say hello to Snaggletooth who was out for his daily stroll – while momma gator takes care of her 32 babies back at the pond! Video Courtesy: FOX 13’s Paul Dellegatto | Facebook
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Above: Client Brian Arni on Get Reel and team land a whopper 501.0 lbs, thresher from Ocean City, MD last weekend. Second Place.
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Time to Build a Boat Ramp!                           

So they say a CAT has 9 lives.  Someone visited lady luck a few times today and maybe got dirty underpants in the process. Video Courtesy: Jetwings | Facebook
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Shark Hunters!                    

Meet the shark hunters of Kontu. Video Courtesy: 1 Million Africans: The Trilogy | Facebook
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Now THAT’s a Boat!                    

Now THAT’s a Boat! Video Courtesy: BoatFeed | Facebook
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Meet one of the ocean’s most fascinating group of animals: The cephalopods! Which of these cool cephalopod characteristics do you find most surprising?  Video Courtesy: Smithsonian Earth | Facebook
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Big Waves!                     

Big Wave Instagram Clips of The Week featuring Bruce Irons and Nathan Fletcher. Video Courtesy: Garrett McNamara | Facebook
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Graduate Student Researcher In Need of Live Lionfish

Miranda Carroll
150 W. University Blvd., Melboure, FL  32901
(808) 234-8026  /

Awareness of the detrimental impacts that invasive lionfish have on the native marine life of the tropical western Atlantic Ocean has greatly increased over the past several years, but certain aspects of their biology still remain a mystery. I am a student at the Florida Institute of Technology conducting research on the vision of lionfish for my Master’s of Science degree. I am writing because I would like your help to collect as many live lionfish as possible to continue my research.

As lionfish are found in such a large variety of habitats of varying light quality, they may be rapidly adapting their vision to their environment. Using a method similar to electrocardiography (EKG), which measures heart activity, I will use a technique that measures the electrical activity in the eyes of live lionfish in response to light.  I will determine the adaptive capabilities of lionfish vision, and use this information to predict their success in different environments and help develop appropriate management plans for their removal from their invaded range.

I’m SCUBA certified with the American Academy of Underwater Sciences and am willing to assist in their collection, to travel around Florida to take them off your hands, or pay for their shipping.

Please feel free to contact me by phone at (808) 234-8026 or by email at I would greatly appreciate any assistance that can be offered. Thank you in advance for your help including your ideas on how to accomplish this.

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