Letter to the Editor of Fishy Times

We can help the hurricane victims:

We all hope that everyone you know have not suffered significantly from the recent hurricanes. The people in Texas, Florida and Caribbean nations have suffered and continue to suffer a terrible amount. Please take the time out to donate something to any of the causes you feel good about. If you are not sure what to donate, then donate money. Any amount will help. Try to imagine losing your home and everything in it. So please dig deeply into your pockets, wallets, credit cards and checks. Let’s help the less fortunate rebuild their lives. It will take a long time, but one step at a time will help.

Another item:

From my experience with hurricanes and the aftermath, I realize that all of us have experienced and still have an additional level of stress and frustration that we may not be aware of. This usually comes out first in the way people drive (faster with less courtesy). I even found myself speeding this morning for no good reason. It also comes out as a lack of civility between people.

This change in behavior often lasts and can change the composition of the community. I lived it first hand in Miami after Andrew, Wilma, Katrina and other stressful episodes. The stress level after a damaging storm never quite goes back to pre-storm levels. So please watch out for this in your everyday lives and help others and yourselves regain the humor, the smile, the fun in your lives.

Go out and have some fun, have a deep belly laugh or a dozen of them, go fishing, have some fun. Make a conscious effort to have some fun and make others smile. Have a party for no reason. Give someone a cake or flowers or a simple phone call to say hello, how are you. Try practicing random acts of kindness. It will help you and everyone else. We all have to work together to lose the stress.


Mitchell A. Roffer, Ph.D., President


Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service, Inc.


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