Ocean Conditions Look Great After the Hurricanes Have Passed: Think Tuna and More for Thanksgiving

The skies have cleared and we are seeing excellent water temperature (SST) conditions from the Canadian Line to Cape Hatteras with much of the water having 68°F and warmer sea surface temperatures. This means that the tuna, wahoo, mahi and billfish are still around. Hope you still have your boats in the water and are ready to go. ROFFS™ will show you the best locations for increasing your chances for good fishing action. Canyon fishing should be excellent. Coastal fishing from New Jersey to Cape Hatteras also. Inshore conditions for big bluefin tuna and mako sharks are just right from Cape Cod to Long Island, NY. Plenty of good fishing left. Let’s go get em.  Think tuna for Thanksgiving as that is what these conditions suggest.

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