ROFFS™ Seasonal Announcement Plus Special Hurricane Announcement – September 5, 2017

Updated: September 06, 2017

Seasonal Announcement Plus Special Hurricane Announcement

Our seasonal office hours are changing as scheduled.

  1. This Saturday (if we are open)* will be the last Saturday that our offices will be open unless there is considerable demand by the Wednesday before by 5PM: A) We will need to have a minimum of 10 clients interested overall; and B) and a minimum of five clients per analysis area. The best choice is to receive Friday’s analysis with instructions to us that you plan on fishing on Sunday. The analysts will include their comments on Saturday fishing when instructed.
  2. Next week our office hours change to 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM or perhaps 6:00 PM as a function of what time our analyses are completed and sent. But we will NOT be open to 9:00 PM until the end of  May, 2018.

*Special Hurricane Irma Announcement

ROFFS™ will be closed in the event that we receive tropical force winds or are on the path of the hurricane. But there is a very good chance that we will be closed Saturday in preparation for the storm.  We will be closed for the duration of the storm, during the immediate cleanup, and will open as soon as possible. We will NOT be monitoring phones or emails.

This means if you plan on fishing Sunday you should have your order to us by Friday so that we can provide you Friday’s analysis in the event that we are closed Saturday. One of our offices will be open Saturday, but that will be for the few areas with the greatest demand like Wilmington Canyon to Norfolk Canyon or Hudson Canyon to Baltimore Canyon. BUT to be sure you will receive an analysis on Saturday you must order your analyses by Friday as we will not have anyone monitoring the phones.

Also, we reserve the right to close the office anytime as a function of any approaching tropical storm. Please contact us early to order your end of the week analyses. Remember you can always purchase an analysis from our website.