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Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service, Inc. (ROFFS™) is excited to publicize the successful transfer of ownership from its founder Dr. Mitchell Roffer to long time employee Matthew Upton.  When discussing the transition, Dr. Roffer offered, “while this business has been my passion for many years, it is time for me to move on and there is no better person to carry it forward than Matthew.  I am certain that he will maintain the emphasis on ROFFS™ values, service and excellence within the fisheries, remote sensing and oceanographic community.”  Improvements going forward will focus on sustained client satisfaction and interaction, integrating  new technology and products, and dedication to the staff.  Regarding the experienced staff, ROFFS™ also proudly announced that it is retaining all current employees to ensure that the business efficiently continues to accomplish its goals and flourish.  New owner Upton is overjoyed, “I am honored that Dr. Roffer has struck this deal and entrusted me to carry on the company he created.  Along with the wonderful staff that has supported this transition, we will strive to preserve its foundation and focus to make it better.  I am also humbled and encouraged that all of ROFFS™ employees have decided to continue under my leadership.”

Majority owner and fourteen year employee Mathew Upton will now serve as President, overseeing operations.  The newly purchased company will retain its flagship name Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service, commonly known as ROFFS™. Mr. Upton has a Masters of Science in Physical Oceanography from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences from the University of Michigan.  He has worked with Dr. Roffer for the last 14 years on all aspects of the company (research and operations) acquiring a working command of the business. Upton and his team have a commitment and experience working with fisherman and alongside academia and government agencies (specifically NOAA and NASA) on research projects and have substantial knowledge of all things ocean, ensuring a smooth transition within this unique industry.

The talented ROFFS™ crew foremost will continue to concentrate on the monitoring of the ocean conditions via satellite both domestically and internationally in order to provide comprehensive real-time fishing forecasting analysis putting their clients in the best positions to catch fish. Veteran analysts Daniel Westhaver (B.S. in Marine Science/Biology from the University of Miami, FL), Gregory Gawlikowski (B.S. in Marine Affairs from the University of Miami, FL) and James King (B.S. in Marine Science/Biology from the University of Tampa, FL and a M.S. in Marine Biology from FIT) have a combined 42 years of experience within the company and have remained on board. Unbeknownst to many, Dr. Roffer has entrusted these analysts for many years in producing the vast majority of the fishing forecasting analysis on a daily basis.  ROFFS™ will also continue to remain active in the scientific research and environmental community and remain involved in the oil and gas industry by providing oceanographic rig monitoring and ship routing services (

The team at ROFFS™ would like to congratulate and celebrate Dr. Roffer’s tenure, who established the business in 1987.  Dr. Roffer will continue to support the company as a part-time consultant assisting in mentoring and networking.  Team ROFFS™ thanks all its clients,  partners and supporters through the years and encourages feedback as they look to a bright future and to continue their present relationships.


Above: Matthew Upton new President and Owner of ROFFS™

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