First and foremost our thoughts and prayers continue for all those affected in the Florida Panhandle and throughout the U.S. by Hurricane Michael’s path of destruction. ROFFS™ has analyzed the ocean conditions directly before and after Hurricane Michael’s impact along the Florida Panhandle looking mainly at the eastern Gulf of Mexico using Ocean Color/Chlorophyll (CHL) data.   Of note, we used the exact same color palettes for direct comparisons. Hurricane Michael officially made landfall on the afternoon of Oct. 10th.




Looking at the three provided images, one can see a substantial difference in the ocean color/chlorophyll images. The post hurricane images (October 11, 2018 – one day after landfall and October 20, 2018 – ten days after landfall) show the signal of the greener to brown-green more turbid waters near the coast dramatically increased towards the areas of the Florida Panhandle northwestward towards the Florida/Alabama border and also eastward towards the “Big Bend” area of Florida. Please contact ROFFS™ for further information or for tracking the polluted freshwater outflow plumes.

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