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Crystal Clear!

It’s like walking on water. The ice on this lake is crystal clear and you can see straight to the bottom!
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Coming in Hot!

COMING IN HOT! Ferry down in Cozumel trying to dock with a bad front coming through. Mike from Fire Tailz is down in Isla and reported the front rolled in and weather got nasty quick. Video Courtesy: The Sailsmen Fishing Team | Facebook
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Dad Instincts!

When you land the fish of a lifetime, but your dad instincts kick in. Video Courtesy: GuyHumor | Facebook
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Huge Sargassum Seaweed Blooms Again Threaten Florida, Caribbean and Mexico
Article Courtesy: | By: Ron Brackett | Originally published: January 25, 2019

The waters off South Florida, Mexico and in the Caribbean could see record amounts of sargassum seaweed again this year, researchers say.

A bulletin from the University of South Florida said the amount of sargassum in the Central West Atlantic had increased slightly from the record amount recorded in November.

That month, USF researcher Mengqiu Wang found more than double the November average of seaweed as measured between 2011 and 2017, the Palm Beach Post writes.

“That means 2019 could be similar to the situation in 2018 but whether it develops into a massive bloom may depend on environmental conditions such as temperature and nutrient availability,” Wang told the newspaper. “The most immediate impact would be in the Caribbean.”

Like red tide and blue-green algae that have fouled Florida beaches, sargassum is also an algae.

Above: image courtesy Chuanmin Hu / USF.
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REMINDER!! 2019 ROFFS™ New Year Pricing – Discount Plans for the 2019 Fishing Season NOW on Sale!

Loyal and valued clients, it is that time of year again! It is time to take advantage of ROFFS™ pre-season discounted plans.  Save up to 40% on your fishing forecasting analyses for the upcoming season.  Take a look below and evaluate which plan best compliments your fishing needs.

Please note, we did not raise prices this year, however; we did restructure the sizes and discount rates of the pre-paid plans to make them more consistent and easier to understand and we have also presented them in a more organized format.  Pre-season discounted plan prices are only valid between January 1st – March 15th, so call us now at 321-723-5759, or visit our web site to order (  As always our friendly staff looks forward to assisting you with any questions and are excited to talk to you.

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This Saturday February 2nd, 2019 at the Salt Water Sportsman National Seminar Series with George Poveromo

ROFFS™ analyst James King will be in attendance and representing ROFFS™ – please come find and meet him!

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REMINDER All Anglers: Tropical Tuna Tagging Program

The Atlantic Ocean Tropical Tuna Tagging Program (AOTTP) was established by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) in 2015 to study key aspects of bigeye, skipjack, and yellowfin tuna life history and movements in the Atlantic Ocean. Over a five year period, the AOTTP aims to partner with scientists and commercial and recreational tuna fishermen to tag at least 120,000 tropical tuna with conventional and/or electronic tags throughout the Atlantic. The data generated from these tags will be essential in improving understanding of these important species, which will enhance fisheries management and promote sustainability of the stocks.  Given the status of the stocks, data on tropical tunas are desperately needed to preserve fishing opportunities in the western North Atlantic.

As part of the AOTTP, Dr. Walt Golet from the University of Maine will be working with colleagues at the New England Aquarium, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, University of Miami, and NOAA Fisheries to deploy 5,000 conventional tags on bigeye, skipjack, and yellowfin tuna in the western North Atlantic from Canada to Venezuela, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. However, to do this, we need your help! If you are interested in participating in the AOTTP project and would like to volunteer to tag bigeye, skipjack, and yellowfin tuna, simply contact Dr. Walt Golet ( and we can provide you with more information on how to become involved in this free program. Signing up is easy. Just provide your contact information and mailing address and we will send you all the necessary information, instructions, and materials to start tagging tuna. Every fish tagged will not only allow you to become involved in important scientific research, but also give you a chance to win one of 20 individual cash prizes totaling more than $39,000 US dollars that will be awarded at the end of the project.

For more information visit:

Or call Dr. Golet at 1-207-351-5413.

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SECOORA Data Challenge – Opportunity to win $3,000

Web cameras are transforming environmental monitoring. Increasingly, scientists are analyzing video data to improve forecasts, answer questions, and support decision making. Although camera data are being applied for environmental monitoring, they are currently underutilized.

SECOORA is hosting a data competition to identify ways in which video footage from web cameras can be applied for societal benefits. Data challenge contestants must use the WebCAT camera data and create a data visualization, mobile application, product, tool or some other creative submission that answers a real-world question or solves a problem.

There are two categories. Each have a $3,000 prize.  Join us for a kick off webinar on Friday January 18, 2019 at 12 PM ET- click here to register.

PLEASE NOTE that we are currently open until 5:00 PM EDT Monday through Friday and CLOSED on Saturday until May 2019.  Please order by 2:00PM EST 10/1/2018-3/31/2019, order by 3:00 PM 4/1/2019-9/30/2019.  We may also remain open later some days based on demand and workload.

Please call the office (321.723.5759) or email the office ( with any questions/concerns.  Thank you!

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