Article by: Scott Lenox | Courtesy of | Originally published 6/2/2019 | Please click HERE for original article.

Today started off just like the last few with beautiful conditions and it stayed that way most of the day.  The wind blew up early afternoon making some rides home from the ocean a little rough, but all boats were able to get their days in and there was good fishing once again.

I reported earlier today that the first white marlin of the season was caught yesterday at 10:30 AM by Gary S and the crew of the Uncle Keith on an overnight trip to the Washington Canyon.  Gary S caught the fish and will be rewarded a total of $11,000 with combined prizes from the Town of Ocean City ($5,000) and the Fishermen United ($6,000).  No one on board was a member of the Ocean City Marlin Club so that $5,000 prize was still available until today.

This morning Captain Steve Selander and Riley McCabe were fishing on the very first trip on Steve’s “Hot Rod” when they caught the first white marlin by a club member or boat while fishing in 64 degree water at the Hot Dog….yes 64 degrees at the Hot Dog.  They caught some skippy tuna and were certain that they would catch bluefins, but were pleasantly surprised when they caught this white marlin at 10:30 this morning.  The $5,000 fish ate a blue and white Ilander lure in front of a ballyhoo.

Another first white marlin of the season was caught for Delaware today when Taylor Deemer and Captain Tim Tribbitt caught this fish that they say is the first in 100 fathoms of the Baltimore Canyon aboard the Rock On.

The mahi bite is picking up well as the offshore water temps warm up.  Captain Chris Watkowski and mate Ayrton “The Kayak Crouton” Pryor of Spring Mix II put their anglers on a nice catch of mahi in the Washington Canyon today.

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