Article Courtesy: | By: Cameron Rhodes | Originally Published: 9/30/2019

On Friday evening, we celebrated the 2019 Series with around 200 of our friends. It was a great night to revisit highlights from this past season. In addition to recognizing top billfish boats and anglers, the Series also presented the award for the 2019 Mate of the Year.

Every year, the South Carolina Governor’s Cup receives nominations for this prestigious award. The Advisory Board of Directors then reviews those submissions and selects a winner from the pool of nominations. This year’s winner is no stranger to the Gov Cup. He grew up on these very docks, fishing tournaments, winning awards, and learning the skills that would eventually lead to a very successful career as a mate. But, to really see why this young man went on to earn the 2019 Mate of the Year Award, let’s take a look at the written nomination submitted by his captain, Captain Sean Dooley:

“I would like to nominate Thomas Garmany of the Jackpot for mate of the year. Thomas is always the first person to volunteer to help anyone in the industry. He is always doing things for people, like meeting the bait guy to get bait for people or answering any questions they may have about fishing or boats. Thomas is also a great teacher. Our guys knew nothing about being an angler and what went into being a great angler, and Thomas has taught them what it takes over the past couple of years. He is always upbeat and positive and makes sure that everyone around him has that same attitude as well. I couldn’t think of another more qualified and deserving person to win mate of the year than him. While there is more to being a mate than just fishing, we also can’t ignore the fact that he is one of the best in the world in the cockpit and was an important piece to the Jackpot winning the series. We couldn’t have even come close without him.”

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