Introducing courses by SALTWATER EUPHORIA from longtime ROFFS supporter and client Capt. Ricky Wheeler.

There is absolutely no feeling like being offshore. The only thing better is when you add in an Epic fishing day. That is pure Euphoria.

My name is Ricky Wheeler, and I have been a professional sportfishing Captain for over 17 years. As someone who has been fortunate enough to have a lot of epic fishing days in locations around the world, I know how amazing that feeling truly is. BUT, to be able to accomplish an epic day of fishing, it takes being prepared for everything and anything.

Prep work and experience are what equals success in fishing. With fishing, there is always something to learn. It drives me crazy because I watch a lot of good fishermen never reach their full potential because they forget that there is always something to learn, especially from those with a lot of real experience day in and day out on the water. Fishing is also a very progressive sport and if you can’t keep up, you fall behind and catch less and less until the point where it nearly isn’t fun anymore.

Because of this, I started these online courses to help you take the stress out of your prep work and also help teach you all of the tricks, tips, and tactics so when you are offshore, you are ready for anything! I want you to learn from my successes, and especially my mistakes so you can skew your learning curve by years and capitalize on your opportunities this season instead of learning the hard way.

You already spent the money on the boat, the bait, and the beer, and I want to make sure that you make every cent you spent well worth it by not only enjoying a beautiful day on the water but also come home with plenty of fishing memories. From there, we can continue to learn together year after year.

These courses are made to be as convenient as possible and are available online 24/7 to take at your leisure. They are made into short chapters and lessons to keep you engaged and excited. At the end of (most) each chapter there is a detail PDF download that goes over all of the information and recommendations covered in that chapter. Once you finish the course you get access to our Saltwater Euphoria facebook community where saltwater fisherman will be discussing tactics and tips, asking and answering questions.

ROFFS is proud to support these courses. When you purchase courses you get a special Buy One Get One (BOGO) gift certificate to use for our fishing forecasting analysis for your next fishing trip.

See more information at and get started.

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