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Filming Deadliest Catch

Catching king crab on the Bering Sea during the brutal winter weather is one of the most dangerous maritime jobs on the planet. Deckhands and captains contend with 50-foot seas, hurricane-force winds, freezing rain, pitching decks, dangling crab pots and hot tempers. The conditions and characters involved in this fishery has propelled the television show Deadliest Catch to high ratings for 18 years.

In this podcast, we speak with Clark McNulty, who spent last winter working as a cameraman for the show. As a longtime spear-fisherman and angler from Southern California, Clark is no stranger to boats and fishing, but his experience on the show was unlike anything else he’s ever done. If you have ever watched the show and been intrigued by the men, the boats and the conditions, you will enjoy this episode of the Anglers Journal Podcast.




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