Originally Published: 9/9/2023 | By: Jeff Merrill

Six Canyon Club Resort Marina Boats Score the Coveted Billfish Catch! 

The late summer white marlin bite off the south Jersey coast has been well documented as recent years have seen double-digit days leading some to say these are the good old days of billfishing and it appears that trend is continuing this year! Sea-Surface temperature analysis indicate filaments of Gulf Stream blue water have pushed northward near the 1000-1500 fathom line of the Norfolk to Washington and Poor Man’s Canyon and offshore of the Baltimore Canyon. With it comes nutrients and baitfish billfish, tuna, mahi mahi and wahoo feed on and several boats from the marina have been part of a record-setting week of billfish action. 

The red hot billfish bite of the 2023 MidAtlantic tournament has not let up as the backside of the full moon that occurred on August 30 has seen numbers of white marlin and blue marlin spike even higher! Interestingly, the numbers of sailfish also being caught has been surprising to many and Grand Slams have become quite common around the marina! In fact, no less than six Grand Slams were recorded by boats fishing out of Canyon Club Resort Marina over a recent three-day period since Labor Day! While some slipholders are making day trips, others have been focusing on overnighters to provide maximum opportunity to cash in on “the bite.” 

Jamie Diller’s Canyon Lady recently scored nine white marlin and seven sailfish and followed that trip up with a Grand Slam that included releasing a 600-pound class blue marlin, six white marlin and two sailfish. Marty Judge’s Judge with Captain Heath Brown on the bridge scored a Grand Slam as the crew released a blue marlin, five white marlin and two sailfish. Captain Keith Greenberg has put Dave Anderson’s Krazy Salts in mix as one trip saw 10 white marlin and two blue marlin released while a follow-up trip netted a Grand Slam that included one blue marlin, nine white marlin and one sailfish. Steve Colenaro’s La Barca also got into the action as Captain David “Coop” Cooper put the crew into a Grand Slam that saw one blue marlin, seven white marlin and two sailfish released. Pat Healey’s Viking factory demo Viking 80 has seen several successful trips recently that included a mix of day trips and overnighters. Captain Sean Dooley has the crew dialed in as one trip saw six white marlin released while two trips produced Grand Slams that included one blue marlin, five white marlin and two sailfish while the next saw one blue marlin, two white marlin and five sailfish let go! Ed Katzainer’s Wish You Were Here has also been part of the Grand Slam fiesta as Captain Chris Carron wheeled the crew to one blue marlin, four white marlin and one sailfish released. 

As we say, September is prime time to catch billfish off the south Jersey coast so why not make plans to get in on this epic bite! Cape May is in the heart of marlin country and Canyon Club Resort Marina offers a prime location whether overnight, short term or seasonal dockage is in your itinerary. Just minutes from Cape May’s Cold Spring Inlet, you’ll have direct access to the Atlantic without the hassle of bridges. Concrete floating docks with finger piers, bow and mid-ship pilings makes tying up easy and care free. Uniformed dock attendants are always available to assist visiting vessels with fuel, ice or any other needs. As a full service marina Canyon Club Resort Marina offers in-slip fueling as well as a 100-foot fuel dock. Electric, water and complimentary Wi-Fi are also provided while the Ship’s Store is well-stocked with all your boating needs. Should repairs or maintenance be required during a visit during your stay our on-site Service Department has two travel lifts while also offering gas and diesel engine repair, electronic installation and repair, running gear repairs as well as aluminum and canvas repairs. 

Although the summer season may have unofficially ended with Labor Day weekend, the billfish season is far from over and the best may be yet to come! Make plans today to visit Canyon Club Resort Marina and get in on this epic bite! You may not get the Slam but you’ll have an excellent shot at catching white marlin and perhaps even a blue one as well! For more information and to reserve dockage space contact the marina at 609-884-0188! 

Above: ROFFS Client Willie Zimmerman & crew on the “Ro Sham Bo” out of Cape May, NJ with a nice GRAND SLAM recently!

Above: ROFFS Client Heath Brown & crew on the “Judge” out of Cape May, NJ with a nice GRAND SLAM recently!

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