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First official Saturday open in 2020 – May 2, 2020
Last official Saturday open in 2020 – September 19, 2020
Sunday hours for selected tournaments year-round.

Holidays/Days Closed:

New Year’s Day – January 01, 2020
February 03, 2020
Memorial Day – May 25, 2020
Independence Day – July 06, 2020 (Observed)
Labor Day – September 07, 2020
Thanksgiving – November 26 – 27, 2020
Christmas Day – December 25, 2020 through New Year’s Day January 01, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses ROFFS™?

People who are serious about finding fish without wandering blindly over the ocean or guessing using the latest unproven “high-tech” gadget. They value their time and trust our background, service, and time proven successes. Our clients include people who fish once a week or less, as well as, people who fish every day. Some fish for fun only, while others are serious tournament anglers and/or professional fishermen. They all know that every fishing trip is important, especially when considering the catchability of fish, price of fuel, time available for fishing, and investment in their boats and equipment.

Why should we use ROFFS™ when there are satellite images on the internet or computer?

ROFFS™ provides a fishing forecasting analysis, not a static sea surface temperature or static ocean color “chlorophyll” image, un-validated ocean models, or aged altimeter or water temperature composites. We provide an interpretation of real-time oceanographic information for fishing. Data from numerous high resolution satellites (U.S. and European, twice a day, infrared and ocean color) along with other oceanographic and meteorological data are integrated to provide a comprehensive fishing product that is unequaled. We pinpoint the hot spot areas with navigational coordinates, indicate how long the conditions have been favorable, show the significant ocean features (temperature, water color, clarity, plankton, current speed and direction, etc.), and provide a text description – interpretation. Colorized images and models supplied by other “services”, including those available free on the internet, are not fishing analyses. They do not provide the temperature resolution nor the accuracy and precision of navigation that we provide. Single satellite images can not provide the vital information about water motion that is critical to forecasting fishing hot spots and finding concentrations of feeding fish. Observing water motion from satellite imagery in real-time and relating it to present and future fishing success is our expertise. We are dedicated to finding fish for you. We also provide the latest catch trends.

What are those dots on the map portion of the analysis?

Based on a multiple factor analysis (approximately 20 factors), the symbols (hot spot dots) mark the areas where bait concentrations are expected and where fishing action is expected to be better compared with other (non-marked) areas. Numbers inside of the dots indicate the number of consecutive days that we have recognized favorable conditions at that specific location. The greater the number, the better your chances are that good action will happen at that exact hot spot location.

How can we know what’s happening in my local area?

Everyday our clients provide numerous, reliable catch reports. They understand that the more information we have, the more accurate the analyses will be. All reports are verified. We often receive calls from fishermen via satellite or cellular telephone while they are fishing as we provide free verbal updates when our clients call us while fishing, if they purchased an analysis for that fishing trip. We have a honest and reliable network. Reports from tournament anglers during the tournament are kept confidential and are not included. But we know many captains who fish in the same tournament areas every day who provide reports during tournaments.

When are the analyses updated and how long are the analyses good for?

The precision, accuracy, and reliability of our analyses are maintained for 24 hours. Our reputation and your fishing success are at stake. We do not guess. We use time proven procedures and field tested science that we often develop ourselves. Basically, we update our analyses all day (and night) after each satellite pass and each fishing report. We customize the time when we provide our “final” analyses based on your fishing and travel schedule. One of our goals is that you receive the most current and best analysis possible. Thus, we schedule each analysis, each day differently and do not want to simply post our analyses on the web in the morning without considering the conditions later in the day. We anticipate the overnight changes in our calculations.

Do you provide analyses for smart phones and mobile networks and for internet downloading?

YES. We provide analyses from our website ( when they are derived each day. In addition, we will continue sending the latest fishing forecasting analysis update via email the afternoon or evening before you leave the dock. The download time is optimized so that you receive the best information based on your time schedule. ROFFS™ understands the meaning of the word “service” and provides that extra special treatment you deserve. Call us 321 723-5759 to order a current fishing analysis and you will speak with a knowledgeable person, not a machine. It seems like we never leave the office. If you prefer not to use email, you can download the analyses from our website, or we will be happy to fax the same information to you in a black and white format. The interpretation, analysis, and hot spots are the same.


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