ROFFS™ & Fathom Science™ Frequently Asked Questions

What will the new and improved analysis provide using Fathom Science imagery?

First off, it is critical to understand that when it is not cloudy or not mostly cloudy, you will always get the same ROFFS™ fully customized analysis from real-time satellite imagery that you are accustomed to using SST images and including a ocean color/chlorophyll image (when available). Nothing is going to be more accurate than using satellite imagery to observe and monitor the ocean conditions, even with a few clouds. As long as we can find the main features, eddies, Gulf Stream edges, Loop Current edges etc.… we will provide the SAME ROFFS™ fishing analysis you are used to.

Now, included on the last two pages of every ROFFS™ analysis PDF (email or download from our website only) will be an additional SST and Ocean Color/Chlorophyll Forecasted Image produced by Fathom Science™. This gives you an idea of what the conditions will look like the morning after you receive the analysis. These images will NOT include the details of ROFFS™ analysis mapping water mass boundaries, SST, ocean color, arrows and hot spot dots. These forecasts will ONLY have on it the bottom structure and grid for reference so you can visualize where the water mass boundaries and features will be based on the color changes. We will use consistent color pallets for the ocean color/chlorophyll images and SST images for direct comparison (i.e. warmer water is reds then oranges to yellows, cooler water is blues and greens, and light green to yellow-green).

When it is cloudy or mostly cloudy, and ROFFS™ cannot see the ocean conditions clear enough to locate the important features (satellites cannot see the ocean conditions through clouds), ROFFS™ analysts will utilize Fathom Science™ cloud-free modeled data to conduct our customized analysis and still also provide the next morning forecasts. This is where the VALUE ADD is to ROFFS™ analysis from Fathom Science™. Hence, no more cloud notes from ROFFS™. Fathom Science™ cloud-free products are the most accurate cloud-free products at high resolution anywhere in the world. We have evaluated and improved their product from our partnership and are confident enough in their data that we feel it is better to send you these cloud-free products as a guide than to send you nothing at all. With this partnership we will continue to improve on the accuracy of their cloud-free products.

With now three to four charts to look at, which one should we consider best for guidance?

The most accurate conditions depicting the ocean conditions will be from our regular customized SST analysis (the first image in your PDF product) that we produce from our multiple satellite images. It is IMPORTANT to understand that any cloud-free or modeled product offered anywhere has some limitations and includes modeled components to it and is NOT a perfect representation of the ocean conditions and is never going to be 100% accurate. We decided to partner with Fathom Science because we evaluated many different cloud-free modeled products from many different sources and Fathom Science has the most accurate product that can be utilized to locate the main features and water mass boundaries useful for anglers.

Fathom Science’s cutting-edge technology adds sea surface temperature (SST) and ocean color/chlorophyll oceanographic forecast data that is always cloud free, ultra-high resolution, and up-to-date to our analysis. Using proprietary data analytics and modeling techniques developed in house, Fathom’s oceanographers combine satellite data and other real-world observations with ocean dynamics and cloud computing technology to create accurate ocean conditions for today and the next day. Working together, ROFFS™ and Fathom Science™ evaluated and validated the products. The result is the most accurate cloud-free ocean products available anywhere. Now you get even greater accuracy and value from ROFFS™!

ROFFS™ Frequently Asked Questions

When should I order my analysis?

The analyses are generally sent the afternoon/evening before you are fishing. When ordering, we prefer at least 12-24 hours’ notice between when you need to receive the analysis and when you are actually fishing. We have a deadline to add new analysis areas (analysis areas not already ordered for fishing by someone else). Analysis requests can be made in advance of your fishing trip, as we do not create the analysis until the day prior to the day you are fishing. We actually prefer that you order in advance – if your trip is cancelled you can always call (321.723.5759) or email the office ( to cancel your analysis request. If you know you are fishing in advance we would rather know that we need to complete the analysis and follow the satellite imagery (and the water) in advance than finding out at the last minute. This makes things easier for our analysts.

If it is after the deadline to order an analysis area (see below), please call the office (321.723.5759) to see if your analysis area is available. If it is after office hours, all completed analyses are posted to the ROFFS™ Website ( for purchase and download.

Deadline to Request an Analysis Area:

October through April:      Monday – Friday Order before 2:00 PM EST.

May through September: Monday – Friday Order before 3:00 PM EST.

Saturdays: May 2 to September 12, 2020: Order before 9:00 AM EST.

ROFFS™ Current Office Hours can always be found online at

What if I am not sure if I am fishing in the morning?

If you are waiting to make a decision for the next morning's fishing, please contact the office to see if your analysis area has already been requested to be completed for the day. If the analysis area has already been requested, you will not have to worry about the deadline to order an area as our analysts are already looking at the satellite imagery and following the water. When you decide that you are fishing, you can order via the office (321.723.5759/ or if it is after office hours, the completed analysis will be posted to the ROFFS™ Website for after office hours purchase and download (

How do I purchase an analysis from the ROFFS™ website after office hours?

We upload all daily completed analyses to the ROFFS™ website and make them available for purchase as soon as they are completed. Please use the online maps to select your area: and then select Date, Coordinates and Add to Cart.

If the analysis area is not available the day you want it, then your analysis area was not completed for that day. You will then have two options:

  • Either #1, you will need to fill out the Request New Analysis form ( for a future analysis request. Please see When Should I Order my Analysis above or…
  • #2 If your analysis area was completed any time within the previous week you can purchase an older analysis so you can at least follow the water and see what the conditions were previously and many times this at least helps our clients make an educated decision as to where to fish rather than heading out fishing with no information.
What if I did not receive my analysis and the office is closed?

First of all, we apologize that you did not receive your analysis. Every fishing trip and every client is important to us, but unfortunately sometimes when you are dealing with email, online orders and the digital world sometimes these things happen. Please check your spam folders or junk mail folders or check your other email addresses that you may have listed on your account. If you do not find the analysis, we suggest you purchase and download the analysis from the website ( where it was uploaded when it was completed for the day. Please inform us ASAP (321.723.5759/ and we will make sure you are not charged twice for the analysis. We send test emails prior to ordering analyses and ask that you call the office (321.723.5759) if you have not received your analysis 30 minutes prior to the office closing for the day. If you need to review our hours you can do so online at

It is after the deadline for ordering and my date is not available on the website for purchase. What should I order?

First of all, we apologize that the analysis order you wish to order is not available, but please understand all of our analyses are completed each day by our experienced and trained oceanographers and each analyses takes anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete. Unfortunately, although we are always watching the water and the satellite imagery, we do not complete every analysis each day. If you are ordering online after our analysis ordering deadline and you don’t see the analysis for the day you are fishing, you may see older analyses for purchase as we make the past seven days of analyses available for purchase on our website (if available). Feel free to order an older analysis if you are comfortable doing so and if you know how to read it and use it as often many clients feel that knowing what the ocean conditions look like, even if several days old, is better than going out on the water to fish “blind”. Our analyses are normally guaranteed for 24-48 hours after they are completed, but if you order an older analysis and feel that it is not useful please inform us when you return from your fishing trip (321.723.5759/ and we will make sure your account is credited.

ROFFS™ Prepaid Season Plan Online Access.

Your prepaid ROFFS™ Plan is shown as credits to download/purchase analyses online in your account once you are logged in.

If you are fishing, please make sure you have contacted the office to verify that your analysis area has been requested for the day and will be created for afternoon download.

Completed analyses are posted to the ROFFS™ website ( each afternoon as soon as they are completed for the day.

  • Why is my analysis area not available for purchase/download?
    • The analysis area was not requested that day prior to the deadline to order an analysis area.
    • The analysis area has not been completed yet for the day and will be posted when the analyst has completed it. Although sometimes the analyses have early deadlines and are uploaded earlier, the analyses are typically uploaded for purchase between 3:00 PM EST and 30 minutes prior to office closing.
  • What is my Username and Password?
    • Your Username is the primary email for your account.
    • Once we create your online account, your default password is your client/customer number. Once you login for the first time you can change you password for more security.
    • If you created your own online account please let us know the email address associated with it and we will go in immediately and add your prepaid plan credits to your account.
    • If you are not able to access your prepaid account online after office hours and need an analysis for the next morning’s fishing, please purchase the analysis and we will credit your account accordingly.
Who uses ROFFS™?

People who are serious about finding fish without wandering blindly through the ocean or guessing using the latest unproven “high-tech” gadget or service. They value their time (and $$$) and trust our experience, background, service record and time proven successes. Our clients include people who fish once a week or less, as well as, people who fish every day – both recreationally for fun and also professionally or in tournaments. They all know that every fishing trip is important, especially when considering the catchability of fish, price of fuel, time available for fishing, and investment in their boats and equipment. Sometimes just deciding to go north or south/east or west when you leave your inlet makes a dramatic impact on how successful you fishing trip will be. ROFFS™ can help you make decisions to save time, save fuel, save money and spend more time fishing and catching fish while out on the water!


Why should we use ROFFS™ when there are satellite images on the internet?

ROFFS™ provides a comprehensive fishing forecasting analysis, not a static sea surface temperature (SST) or static ocean color/chlorophyll image, un-validated ocean models, or aged altimeter or SST composites. We provide an interpretation of real-time oceanographic conditions and information for fishing. Data from numerous high-resolution satellites (both U.S. and European many times a day for both infrared SST and ocean color/chlorophyll) along with other oceanographic and meteorological data are integrated daily to provide a comprehensive fishing product that is unequaled. ROFFS™ pinpoints the hot spot areas (dots) with navigational coordinates, indicates how long the conditions have been favorable (#s in the dots), shows the significant ocean features (temperature/SST, ocean color/chlorophyll, water clarity, plankton concentrations, current direction, etc.) and provides a full text description/ interpretation along with the analysis map.

Colorized images and models supplied by other “services”, including those available for free on the Internet, are not fishing analyses. Many of them are provided with model data and shows water mass boundaries and oceanographic features that may be 10+ miles away from where they actually are. Many of them do not give you this information up front making the use of them even more confusion. They do not provide the satellite resolution nor the accuracy and precision of navigation that ROFFS™ provides. Single satellite images cannot provide the vital information about water motion that is critical to forecasting fishing hot spots and finding concentrations of feeding fish. Observing water motion from satellite imagery in real-time and relating it to present and future fishing success is our expertise. ROFFS™ is dedicated to finding fish for you! Every fishing trip and client is important to us!

What are those dots on the map portion (chart) of the analysis?

ROFFS™ completes their comprehensive fishing forecasting analyses based on a multiple factor analysis (20 factors+) of the current (and past) ocean conditions. The symbols (hot spot dots) mark the areas where bait concentrations are expected, and where fishing action is expected to be better compared with other (non-marked) areas. Numbers inside of the dots indicate the number of consecutive days that we have recognized favorable conditions at that specific location. The greater the number, the better your chances are that good action will happen at that exact hot spot location. Remember, when heading towards a ROFFS™ hot spot dot do not ignore the conditions around you – look for rips, slicks, birds, floating debris etc. as these are classic indicators of bait concentrations and feeding fish. If you see the previously mentioned conditions by all means stop and drop your lines!

How can we know what’s happening in my local area?

Everyday our clients provide numerous, reliable catch reports. They understand that the more information we have, the more accurate the analyses will be. All reports are verified. We often receive calls from fishermen via satellite or cellular telephone while they are fishing as we provide free verbal updates when our clients call us while fishing, if they purchased an analysis for that fishing trip. We have an honest and reliable network of anglers and captains. Reports from tournament anglers during the tournament are kept confidential and are not included.

Where can we submit our fishing reports, photos & videos online?

We have a dedicated page on our website ( where you can submit your fishing reports and photos/videos to post on the official ROFFS™ social media (Facebook/Instagram) accounts. If you have a Facebook page or an Instagram account that we can follow and tag in our posts please let us know! We love to showcase our clients’ reports and catches so please send them in!!!

When are the analyses updated and how long are the analyses good for?

The precision, accuracy, and reliability of our analyses are maintained for 24 hours. Our time tested reputation and your fishing success are at stake. We do not guess. We use time proven procedures and field-tested science techniques. Basically, we update our analyses all day (and night) after each satellite pass and each fishing report. We customize the time when we provide our “final” analyses based on your fishing and travel schedules. One of our goals is that you receive the most current information and best analysis possible. Thus, we schedule each analysis, each day differently and do not want to simply post our analyses on the web in the morning without considering the conditions later in the day. We anticipate the overnight changes in our calculations and provide free included verbal updates the next morning while you are out fishing on the water.

When do you provide the free included verbal updates?

We anticipate the overnight changes in our calculations that we base your comprehensive fishing forecasting analyses on and we provide free included verbal updates the next morning while you are out fishing on the water. Please call the office at 321.723.5759 between the hours of 10:30-12:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST) in order to receive your update. Unfortunately, we can only provide free updates during this time period as later during the day after our analysts take lunch they are all working on analyses for the next day’s fishing.

Do you provide analyses for smart phones and mobile networks and for internet downloading?

YES. We provide analyses from our website ( when they are completed each day. In addition, we send the latest completed fishing forecasting analyses via email the afternoon or evening before you leave the dock on your fishing trip. The download time is optimized so that you receive the best information based on your time schedule. ROFFS™ understands the meaning of the word “service” and provides that extra special treatment you deserve. Call us at 321.723.5759 to order a current fishing forecasting analysis and you will speak with a knowledgeable person, not a machine. If you prefer not to call, you can also order via email ( or online via our website ( It seems like we never leave the office! The interpretation, analysis, and hot spots are the same no matter which way you place your order and the analysis is also the same regardless if you are fishing recreationaly (for fun) or in a tournament.

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