Fishing Analyses

Recreational Fishing

ROFFS™ provides a variety of the highest resolution fishing oceanographic analyses that are customized for the local recreational and tournament angler. These analyses are specialized for such surface pelagic fish as tuna, marlin, wahoo, dolphin, sailfish, swordfish, spearfish, shark, and bluefish. They integrate numerous oceanographic factors using state-of-the science satellite technology, ocean buoys, gliders, and other in-situ data. ROFFS™ professional oceanographers analyze ocean currents, water temperature, color, clarity, chlorophyll, plankton, bait concentrations, foraging preferences of targeted fish, as well, as other scientific factors to help one have a successful fishing trip.

Tell ROFFS™ where you are fishing and we will pinpoint the action hot spots based on 34 years of experience providing fishing oceanographic information. The fishing oceanographic analyses are composed of an oceanographic map analysis and a comprehensive text description that is easy to understand and use.

Commercial Fishing

ROFFS™ supports the idea of providing comprehensive oceanographic information that helps honest working commercial fishers provide wholesome seafood products at the lowest price to consumers on a worldwide basis. We support sustainable fisheries operations. Our analyses will increase operational efficiency, increase profits, and reduce by-catch. They are customized for local, regional, and larger area fishing and are specialized for tuna, swordfish, squid, mackerel, sardines, anchovy, herring, and pilchard. Some fishermen have used these analyses for demersal fish such as snapper, grouper, and cod.

El Servicio de Pronósticos Oceanográficos de Pesca,(ROFFS™) es una compañía de asesoría científica. Nuestra Compañía suministra mundialmente sus servicios de asesoría pesquera oceanográfica. Nuestra experiencia es en combinar la oceanografía pesquera con la teledetección satelitaria para producir pronósticos de pesca tácticos y estratégicos.

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