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Optimizing the transport of energy industry platforms and structures at typical speeds of 3 to 6 knots requires minimizing the impact of unfavorable currents and maximizing the advantage of favorable currents. Using well-proven Oceanographic Analyses, which are based on in-situ data and satellite imagery, numerical model guidance, Ocean System Incorporated’s VOSS simulator, numerical current guidance and Oceanweather’s forecasts; ROFFS™ provides the information needed for tow route optimization.

The Oceanographic Analyses at the foundation of these services give us the ability to look out the window to see what is happing. Knowing the actual flow and movement of the water mass boundary zones (fronts) increases the effectiveness of the numerical models and simulators.

Multiple tools are used to more accurately describe the state of the currents. The Oceanographic Analyses provide coverage of rapid moving features, fronts, eddies, and other oceanographic features that the models poorly resolve or are outside the model range. The models provide a 7-day revolving coverage despite cloud cover using current and historical data in area where cloud cover is present. Using all of these tools allows us to work around the limitations of either tool and accurately define the state of the ocean.

As an example, the initial guidance from the tug operator routed a client’s vessel tow along the South American coast where the numerical model guidance, (upper panel of Figure 1) indicated favorable currents. The Oceanographic Analyses revealed the presence of a fairly strong countercurrent (lower panel of Figure 1), which was not resolved by the model. Avoiding the contrary currents and following the more favorable currents further north provided the client with an opportunity to significantly improve tow speed. Taken together, the Oceanographic Analyses, the numerical current predictions and the OSI simulator provide the tools for tow optimization.

Services and Rates 

Oceanographic Analyses and Route Forecasts

Thirty-day or longer tows.

The basic service uses ROFFS™ Oceanographic Analyses tailored to the needs of marine tows (Figure 2), the available numerical oceanographic guidance and OSI’s VOSS simulator in concert with Oceanweather’s forecasts to develop optimal routings. Consultations on conditions along the tow route are available as needed and include a pre-tow review of the clients proposed tow route.

During the tow, satellite Oceanographic Analysis will be produced on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As required, a generic vessel will be used with the OSI simulator to examine conditions along the route.

Based on the Oceanographic Analyses, the numerical model guidance and the simulations, outlooks showing expected currents and comments on the route will be delivered to the client daily, Monday though Friday. Weekend updates will be issued based on the numerical model results if required by conditions along the route.

The cost of the service is $6730 per month plus communication costs (if any). There is a 1-month minimum period of service. Invoices will be submitted on the monthly anniversary date. Partial months will be invoiced at $221.11 per day. Supplementary Oceanographic Analyses can be prepared on weekends in advance and if staffing permits at additional costs. Please contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.

Short-duration tows:

Seven day minimum and rig-moves (single outlook) rates are available. Please fill in the request form below for a more specialized quote.

Other Services

Vessel Performance Studies: Working with Ocean Systems Incorporated, and using Oceanweather’s archived wind and wave data, the vessel’s performance can be investigated in detail during tow planning. A quotation can be provided if requested.

Simulator Customization: Ocean Systems Incorporated can specifically tailor the simulator to model the specific vessel, which enables the simulation to specifically consider fuel consumption, motion, horsepower, or other required parameters during either planning or the actual tow. A formal quote can be provided upon request.

Engineering Design and Operational Planning: Since the late 1970’s, team members have provided metocean, hydrodynamic and naval architecture support for operations and design worldwide.

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