Norfolk to Hatteras


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Areas of Interest: Peanut, Ham Bone, 26 Mile Hill, Liki Tiki, Unexploded Ordnance, Dump Site, John Morgan, Lilian, Lumps, Finger, Seagull, Chris F, Merida, Ocean Venture, Juniata, Eidsvoid, B.A. Van Brunt, NOAA 44014 Buoy, Chenango, Cigar, Baurque, Tower ‘A’, Equipoise, Submerged Buoy, Washington Canyon, Norfolk Canyon, Rochester, San Denetrio, U-548, Vinland, USS Plymouth, Bryon Benson, York, Tower ‘B’, Tower ‘C’, Foul Bottom, U-85, Tower ‘G’, San Delfino, City of Atlanta, Moriana, The Point, Diamond Shoals, Northeastern, Empire Trush, British Splendour, Empire Gem, Monitor, Kashena, Dixie Arrow, Rock Piles, Merak, Rockefeller, Southern Isle, Virginia, Allan Jackson, Venore, Blue Fields

Common Inlets: Chesapeake Bay, Lynnhaven, Manteo (NC), Ocean City (MD), Oregon Inlet, Rudee Inlet, Virginia Beach


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