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Two First White Marlin Net $16,000

Article by: Scott Lenox | Courtesy of | Originally published 6/2/2019 | Please click HERE for original article.Today started off just like the last few with beautiful conditions and it stayed that way most of the day.  The wind blew up early...

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Huge Bass on Barbie Pole!

Who says you can't catch fishing with a Barbie fishing rod??? Little girl crushes huge bass on barbie pole! She will remember that day for the rest of her life! Video Courtesy: The Epoch Times | Facebook

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Fishing by Hand!

For all those times when you don't have a fishing rod or using a fishing rod goes wrong. Video Courtesy: Trending World by The Epoch Times | Facebook

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Amazing drone footage has captured a beautiful view of a school of stingrays swimming off the coast of Australia. Video Courtesy: FOX 29 | Facebook

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High Water!

I bet when they drove on the beach they didn't expect the water to come up this high! Video Courtesy: The fisherman | Facebook

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