As usual, your report was on target for Charleston SC for May 11.  We found the breaks that you forecast and we caught the first dolphin while putting the lines out.  The action continued steady all day for us.  Great service!
J. Rutledge Young III, Esq.

The staff and accuracy of Roffs is top notch. The customer service and availability of the team makes them for us the best service to use. By far the service has saved trips when they put us on the fish with real time data when we call from the sat phone. Matt, Laura, Sharon and the entire crew always on top of their game.
Chris Vennitti

The best! Knowledgable, always at the forefront of science, and one of the most genuine companies I know.
Nicole Kirchhoff Sargent

I went to the first location listed for the port and caught a bull and a sailfish. I followed the directions on the analysis and followed the weeds and birds. We ended up catching 5 dolphin and a sail, and I’m sure we missed 5 or 6.
Justin Malone

I couldn’t thank you guys enough for the ROFFS report last Saturday. It was point on. I’ve never had that many wahoo strikes in my entire life.
Fred Wainio

We have use this service consistently for the last three years to out fish almost every boat in our marina. Highly recommend this service for any recreational fishing. They put you on the fish.
Leighton Johnson

We have used their service for the first time near the end of the season last year and we are hooked. We are now watching the weather and waiting for a window to head out again using their analysis. When I called I had the impression no boat or account was too small. Awesome service!
Newt Condict

Roffs is like fuel and ice, can not leave the dock with out it!
Corky Decker

Can’t be beat for up to date accuracy. I make a living with them.
Stephan Bent

60 Westover Drive, West Melbourne, FL 32904
(321) 723-5759 | fishing@roffs.com

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